Sir Junk recycles

One of the questions we are asked the most is about the disposal of all the junk we take away. “Where does it all go?” At SIR JUNK, we view our responsible, environmentally friendly disposal practices as one of the things that separates us as a company from other junk removal services. One of mottos we live by is: Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, Reclaim. When we work with our clients to reclaim their space, we donate and recycle as much as possible. This practice is beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only do we help keep otherwise usable items out of the landfill, but we also lighten the load on our dumps…just another reason our we are able to keep our prices consistently low.

For donations we work with numerous local organizations like Ramsey Responds, who bring the nicer furniture to families who can use it. We also work very hard at recycling, making sure that whenever possible, metal and paper are brought to facilities that can reuse those materials. As a company, we are in no way perfect and are always looking for more productive ways of reusing and recycling the items we come across and trashing even less of our loads. This is an ongoing process. As an environmentally-conscious company, we are hyper aware of the negative impact of landfills. We cannot erase the fact that a lot of junk does need to go to the dump, but we can do our best to make our footprint as light as possible.

As we continue to work on reducing our footprint, we ask that you, our valued customers, referral partners, friends, and family, help us by sharing some of your favorite places to donate. We are always open to building relationships with donation centers and charities and help in whatever way we can.