In Bergen County, New Jersey, it is undeniable that space is at a premium. One of the aims of 1-844-SIR-JUNK is to serve this space back to homeowners. Everyone has junk. With our consumer culture, it is very easy to accumulate items and before you know it, the basement is filled to the brim, you can’t park your car in the garage, and that extra bedroom you were planning on creating in the attic never comes to fruition.


This might seem harmless, but when you take the time to do the math at how expensive it is to maintain that space, one realizes that a basement, garage, or attic packed with junk is a rather expensive storage unit. If a homeowner pays around $11,000 in taxes per year, each month they have to come up with around $950. If one considers that the average basement can be around 1000 square feet, a homeowner can realistically be paying $300 a month for unlivable space. This is about three times more expensive than the average storage unit per month.

When a homeowner decides that enough is enough and makes the bold choice to reclaim their space, SIR JUNK is here to help with the first step of the process. We do all of the loading, lifting, and dumping and before you know it, that basement, garage, or attic is empty and ready to live up to its full potential. A finished basement or attic adds a significant amount of value to a home, not only for resale, but for the value it can bring to a family as a bedroom, game room, or home office. Let SIR JUNK serve you back your space.