ramseyAt SIR JUNK we are passionate about being locally-owned and operated. While many “franchise” businesses exist in the junk removal industry, one of our biggest assets is being a local and independent company. 

In the current climate of big business, consumers are programmed to equate the size of a company with lower costs. For instance, Walmart claims to offer some of the lowest prices in retail, however, many might question the quality, service and/or overall customer experience when shopping in one of its stores.  

It’s the same in the junk removal business! Some providers offer low rates, but are not punctual…and may be unprofessional; they may not carry the necessary insurances, licenses or permits and ultimately do very shoddy work for their customers.  Still others—who may perform the job satisfactorily—end up charging very high prices for their service.

So what if you could receive a BETTER customer experience when having unwanted items removed from your home, garage or office…..AND AT DISCOUNTED PRICES?  

When it comes to junk removal, SIR JUNK offers professional “white-glove” service; we are uniformed, professional, licensed and insured. AND, because we do not have to pay franchise fees to a larger parent company, we are able to pass those savings directly to our customers!

But as a local business, we do not rely solely on offering our customers better prices; we are especially proud of the personal communication we always provide. Often when dealing with larger companies, customers interact with call centers or a parade of robo-operators.  Worse, when they get a “live” person, this representative has very little knowledge of the customer’s actual situation. At SIR JUNK we try to streamline that process. When you call 1-844-SIR-JUNK you are always going to reach a decision-maker who will help answer your questions—the first time you call.

Lastly, working with local companies also may bring consumers “intangible benefits;” yes, supporting local employers helps employ local workers, but in working with SIR JUNK our customers are often surprised at the enthusiasm we try to bring to your junk removal. We actually love what we do!  And we love working with our customers to serve back their space: When we clear out a garage, we are excited that our customer can park their car over the winter; when we clean out a basement, we love to hear how that space can be transformed into a game room or home office. 

This enthusiasm is a product of being involved in the communities we serve as a local business.  Whether it is as members of the Chamber of Commerce (which we are) or taking part in many of events hosted by the town such as the Ramsey Street Fair and Ramsey Day (which we do!), we view ourselves as part of the community and see our customers not just as “numbers,” but as friends and neighbors whom we are proud to serve.