Mother’s Day is coming this Sunday, and it is the time to celebrate ALL moms everywhere for all that they do for their families Flowers for Mother's Dayevery day.  

But at SIR JUNK, we would like to personally recognize all the moms on the “Ramsey Moms” Facebook Page: We cannot thank you enough for all the positive comments and referrals that you have made on our behalf!!

As a local company, we are so appreciative that the community—largely through your voice!!—has been so welcoming and supportive. All small businesses rely heavily on word-of-mouth, and all the kind words from your membership has meant a great deal to us as we are trying to grow.

We think that most of our customers appreciate our already low rates (due to the fact that we are independent and do not pay royalties); however, for the month of May, we would like to give a special discount to all Ramsey Moms who use our service.  

$30 off any job up to $300 and $60 for any job over $300!

Again, thank you to RAMSEY MOMS!  Happy Mother’s Day!