Melanie PerragliaMelanie Perraglia is a local realtor with Century 21 Full Service Realty.

After spending over a decade as a public relations executive in NYC, she became a realtor in 2014.

Melanie specializes in the communities along the border between Bergen County, NJ and Rockland County, NY.

A graduate of Fordham, Melanie has two sons, Nick, age 4 and John age 2.

  • Favorite food? 
    • Anything from the bakery at Uncle Giuseppe’s in Ramsey. 
  • Favorite place to travel? 
    • Any place that has lots to do and see. We have two active little boys and we can’t stand just sitting on a beach. 
  • Favorite actor/actress?
    • Despite all his bad press, I still try to see everything Tom Cruise is in!
  • Favorite movie?
    • You’ve Got Mail 
  • Giants or Jets?
    • Giants, but the only time I pay attention to football is Super Bowl Sunday when I’m in charge of the snacks.
  • Yankees or Mets?
    • Yankees. Big fan of their stadium garlic fries.
  • 1 thing you love about living in Bergen County?
    • Access to EVERYTHING. I feel like anything you could ever need is on Rt 17.
  • How did you get involved in your field? 
    • After I had my first son in 2013, I didn’t want to commute to Soho everyday to my Public Relations job. I managed large clients like Chipotle Mexican Grill, Canon and Barilla pasta. There was lots of travel involved and late nights. I needed something that could work around my new schedule. Now I have a second son, and the fellas are client-favorites and good luck charms!
  • 1 thing about your field that people wouldn’t know?
    • It’s more rewarding than I initially imagined. Helping people buy their first home, and ensuring that the deal process is as smooth as possible for them, has been my favorite part of the job. 
  • Favorite restaurant in Bergen County?
    • Pesto in Park Ridge
  • Good story about your work?
    • You never know what you’re going to walk in to when you are showing someone’s home. One time, there was a ziplock bag on the front door that said, “Our dog is friendly, feed him this treat and he will be your friend.” Indeed, I found him waiting patiently inside for his treat, and then he followed us around during the showing. He was a perfect little ambassador, because my clients bought the house.
  • Hobbies or other things you do for fun?
    • We spend most of our free time entertaining our sons, so we do a lot of hiking, indoor play parks, museums, etc. Personally, I have been taking Jiu Jitsu classes for a year and a half, and that has been a great way to learn how weak and slow I am. 
  • If you had a garage of unwanted items, who would you call to help get them removed? Daffy Duck or SIR JUNK? …and Daffy Duck is on vacation.
    • Sir Junk—100% of the time!