packed-garageAs we finish up with vacations and the warmth of the summer months, the fall season brings back-to-school, football games and apple-picking… And usually the first frost….which, of course, is a precursor to the first snowfall.  

  • So how many people do you know who own a garage, but can’t park their car in it? 

According to one statistic found on the website, 82% of homes have two car garages or larger, yet only about 15% are used to park cars inside of them. Lynette, who write for the site, comments:

It has always amazed me that so many people would rather get in and out of their cars in the rain, snow, sleet, and heat out in their driveways (or parked along the curb) than to enjoy the overhead protection, shade, and convenience of getting in and out of the car in the garage!
And lately, I’ve been noticing that it’s getting worse. More and more people (at least in the neighborhoods around me!) are choosing to not take advantage of their garages and use them for the purpose for which they were intended: to park cars in!
My guess is when people move into a new home (that’s equipped with a 1- or 2-car garage) their intentions are good… and practical… and normal:
“We’ll just use the garage as “extra storage space” until we get fully moved in. Then, we can look forward to parking inside the garage, rather than near it!”
The problem (in my opinion): Too much stuff!”

In Bergen County, where space is always at a premium for many people.  Wouldn’t it be nice to reclaim your own private garage and be able to keep your car parked inside for those rainy, snowy and cold mornings that are right around the corner from us? 

At 1-844-SIR-JUNK, if you mention “Early Bird Special,” we will give you between $50-$100 off a garage cleanout this fall.  Let us Serve you back the convenience of your garage!