At SIR JUNK, we love serving back space to our clients. But sometimes it goes beyond just business. Many times we help our customers clear out that garage that’s been giving them stress for the last ten years. Other times we are giving them back parking spaces or a home-office. But what about when we work with a client after a loved one has passed away and they have to deal with the estate, often parting with items of great sentimental value?

empty garage

In such cases, we do our absolute best not to lose sight of the emotional element of what we do. We know that it can be hard to get rid of our “stuff” when it is attached to important memories. Even tossing an old couch can be tough when you have shared all of the family movie nights on it.

Of course, there is certainly a place for those certain items of sentimental value and keepsakes that will be passed down to each generation. This is up to the individual or family to choose what makes sense to hold onto based on one’s lifestyle and space constraints. However, if we keep everything that might hold memories, there will never be room to build a new future, and we may find ourselves facing rooms full of old, outdated piece of furniture, non-working appliances, worn carpet and piles of every old newspaper clipping. Whether it’s clearing out a garage or converting a spare bedroom to a usable home office, SIR JUNK will help you learn to see the potential of the space you already have and utilize in the most efficient way possible. And when we are asked to throw away items that might carry memories, we know that while we may be getting rid of the physical items, we are not discarding their memory.

For our part, at SIR JUNK, we are here to help make the process of de-cluttering as stress-free as possible: From pure junk or keepsakes that have emotional significance, we help bridge the past to the future. We truly understand how difficult this undertaking can be and strive to provide a service that is not only timely, efficient, and professional, but one that is caring and compassionate as well.