Spring dealsMr. Jeff Bezos at Amazon is doing his best to keep prices muted:  These days t-shirts, electronic tablets and water-proof flashlights can all be bought at very competitive prices over the internet.  Despite Amazon’s best efforts, however, what about healthcare expenses, food prices and education costs?

(We know, we know…he’s working on those too!) But for now they seem to keep soaring, right?  Every year, our cell phone bills go up; our cable bills increase…and when did it cost $20 to buy a movie ticket?  

While most companies feel that it is their right, if not “obligation” to their shareholders, to raise their prices, at SIR JUNK we are showing appreciation to our clients by LOWERING PRICES this spring!!  

So how can we do this in the face of every other company and franchise increasing their prices?  Well, first, it is necessary to point out that we are largely employee-owned; we pay NO franchise fees to a parent company and we can pass along those savings directly to our customers in the form of lower prices.  But even at a more granular level, we really work hard to manage our costs and stay as efficient as possible in our operations. This goes a long way in ensuring that we can maintain profitability even at lower margins.

Second and more significantly, much like Amazon, we are disrupters in our industry.  From day one in starting SIR JUNK, we have felt that we could offer a premium service to our customers at a reasonable price.  When it comes to junk removal, people are often left to choose between two camps: firms that have low prices but cut corners on the necessary licenses and insurances OR franchises that often charge much higher rates for their services than are necessary.

(In fact, to address the price points on some franchise lists, at SIR JUNK we actually choose to base our prices on our own costs rather than on arbitrary numbers of what customers are “willing to pay” which can be considerably higher.  By establishing a more equitable price structure, we feel our company AND the client can mutually benefit even at lower prices.)

So instead, when it comes to SIR JUNK, we are trying very hard to take a page out of Amazon’s playbook:  We want every customer to feel so good about the experience in dealing with us, so pleased with SIR JUNK’s performance, that they not only look forward to using our service multiple times in the future, but they also want to promote the name to every one of their friends and family all the time!  

In a period, where portions are getting smaller; services are getting reduced and prices are going higher, SIR JUNK is defying the trend.  We want to “under-promise and over-deliver” to our customers! It’s often said that you can’t have it all, but we simply do not accept that aphorism. When you use SIR JUNK, you can be sure that you will receive top notch service and at some of the best prices in the business…(up to 25% less than our national competitors!!)

So…….as we “ring in Spring”, you heard right:  SIR JUNK has decided to lower our prices!