George Carlin saying people out to your junkIn George Carlin’s classic standup routine, “A Place For My Stuff,” the late comedian talks about how our lives are centered around our belongings–our “stuff.” Re-listening to this skit almost 40 years later, his words ring as true as ever. “That’s the whole meaning of life…trying to find a place for your stuff,” Carlin quips. This materially oriented culture Carlin pokes fun at has only gotten more prevalent. However, there has also been a strong reaction against the ever greater accumulation of “stuff.” With minimalism and the tiny home movement becoming ever more popular, the idea that one’s house is just “a place for your stuff” is being challenged. Instead of buying bigger houses to keep more and more “stuff” in, many people have done the exact opposite, downsizing and trying to cut their belongings down to the basics. This type of lifestyle is seen as being more simple and by paying less money to store one’s “stuff,” a greater emphasis can be placed on other aspects of life like traveling, accumulating experiences as opposed to possessions.


At SIR JUNK, we see many of our clients going through this downsizing process. Though very few are doing anything as drastic as moving into yurts or tiny homes, we certainly see a trend towards trying to simplify, many customers moving from 5 bedroom homes to 2 bedroom townhouses, realizing that it’s not necessary to pay for unused space. In Carlin’s performance, he uses the word “stuff” so much that eventually it seems to lose meaning, and maybe that’s the point. While our belongings can certainly hold sentimental value and some keepsakes are worth holding onto and passing down to the next generation, so much of our stuff is just… “stuff.” So no matter where you are in the process of trying to pare down, SIR JUNK is happy to help, whether it’s working to clear some clutter out of your space or removing truckloads of furniture before the big move. A house is not just a place for our “stuff,” and when you feel that your house has started to tend in that direction, don’t hesitate to give us a ring.