Hazard collectionWe are often asked about what materials we can take away and what we are not allowed to take. After years in the business, we have come to learn a lot about how to dispose of unwanted items safely and responsibly. We feel that it is only right to pass that information along to you.


One material we get asked a lot of questions about is paint cans. Because wet paint is toxic, we are unable to take away cans of wet paint, but we CAN take the paint once it is dry. To do this, we suggest homeowners pour kitty litter into the cans they want us to remove and leave those cans out in the sun for a day or two.

The kitty litter and sun dries up all the paint and you are left with only the dust, which is far safer to dispose of. Once that process is complete we are more than happy to take as many paint cans as you need removed.

In addition, residents of Bergen County are encouraged to bring paint cans and other household hazardous materials to waste collection events that take place in Mahwah, Paramus and Moonachie. Just make sure to bring your ID, as these collection days are free of charge for all Bergen County residents!