junk_playWhen SIR JUNK takes a break from bringing white-glove service to your junk removal, we like to bring some culture to it as well! One of our favorite things about living in Bergen County, NJ is the proximity to New York City and all of the opportunities that are available to see Broadway plays.

Most recently, we’ve had the privilege of seeing “Junk” written by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Ayad Akhtar.

When we arrived at the play, we realized that it wasn’t about serving back peoples’ space, and instead, told a gripping story about the bond market in the 80’s. Ayad Akhtar did an excellent job of weaving together a complex story with a cast of 19 characters, all while keeping the plot vital and clear.

While Akhtar delves into intrigue and corruption, he creates complex characters that are never simply good or bad. The main character Robert Merkin is a charismatic, young financier who you are never sure if you should be rooting for or against.

Overall, “Junk” has SIR JUNK’s seal of approval.