Spring Cleaning has arrived!

The days have started to get longer, bringing more daylight. The snow is on its way out. (Well, hopefully!) The weather is slowly getting warmer, and the golf clubs and the tennis rackets are starting to get dusted off. At SIR JUNK, we have always viewed Spring Cleaning as a time for celebration, something of a holiday! Although it is our busiest season 8-), there is something special about being able to clear out the “old” and create space for the “new,” not only in our homes, but in our lives as well.

As it turns out, this view of Spring Cleaning is universal. From the pre-Passover cleaning of emptying one’s house of leavened food to the ancient Persian holiday of Nowruz—where Kooneh Tekouni or “shaking of the house” is a tradition, all the way to the Chinese Ninyabaat—where bad luck of the previous year is swept away to prepare for the lunar new year, Spring Cleaning has served an essential function to people in different times, geographies and cultures.

For our part in this worldwide celebration of Spring, SIR JUNK plans on bringing you the professional, fully-licensed and insured service you’ve come to love, AND at some of the best prices in the business. So, while competitors raise their prices, SIR JUNK continues to offer attractive rates, giving you the best value for your dollar in junk removal.

But why write a blog just to let you know that things are simply business as usual with SIR JUNK?

You already probably know SIR JUNK is the best junk removal company servicing Bergen County, so…


From April 15th to May 15th, SIR JUNK is offering $50 off any job over half a truck and 15% off of any size garage cleanout!

With prices already 25% less than our franchise competitors, it’s clear the SIR knows how to celebrate.