dumpster vs sirjunkMany times when we are out in the field talking with customers we are asked to compare the benefits our service versus getting a dumpster. When this question comes up we are completely candid: Every situation is different! And part of our providing “White-Glove Junk Removal” is being upfront, and transparent, but ultimately ensuring our clients are happy!

The first thing to understand about SIR JUNK is that our pricing not only covers the junk that is removed, but also all of the loading, lifting, sorting and dumping. We have 12 distinct price points based on the volume that the junk takes up in our truck, so customers only pay for what we actually take. We pride ourselves in packing our trucks very efficiently so you can be sure that we will make the best use out of the truck space as possible….thereby giving you a great value and your full money’s worth.

However, when you get a dumpster you pay a flat rate that is usually based on the size of the container you rent but can also have weight restrictions that will bump up that flat rate. And obviously, you will be responsible for the labor that it takes to load the container.

Here are a few other things we feel are important to consider. First, if you pick a bigger size and don’t pack it completely, you are paying for unused space. On the other hand, if you pack too much junk in the dumpster, it is possible that you will be charged extra for going over the weight requirement.

It may also happen that the dumpster is not retrieved in a timely fashion from the company who supplied it. This can be an eye-sore for the neighbors…and for you. And depending on the location of the dumpster, you may find that other people may “use” it when you are not around. It is also true that a dumpster may not fit or may not be practical in that spot; we’ve often had customers choose our service because a dumpster would impede traffic, parking or take up too much room in a tight space. Lastly, we always caution people with pavers or newly-done driveways that roll-off dumpsters can often scratch and leave marks on the stone. This damage can be costly to fix.

With that all said, there are absolutely times when a dumpster might be the best option. For example, when potential clients tell us that they are doing a large construction project that can span over an extended period of time, a dumpster may be an option. Since the work will be done over the course of a number of days, it may be easier to have it there full-time, 24/7 to allow those who are doing the work to throw away debris while the job is being done.

In summary, regardless of what your situation is, when you call SIR JUNK you can be sure that we will discuss with you all your alternatives for ridding yourself of your junk…and we will always provide you with the best option for your own unique situation.