xmasWith Winter right around the corner, it’s easy to feel the Holiday spirit in the air. Christmas music plays in every store, lights adorn every home in the neighborhood, and families plan their get-together’s, excited (and sometimes not so excited) to see their relatives and in-laws. 

With so many people planning for company, it can be stressful trying to clear up space. Everything in that guest bedroom, filled with workout equipment no one uses, needs to be moved to the basement. And then the basement needs cleaning because it’s too crowded with old clothing and toys! 

The Holidays should be a time for relaxing with family…not breaking your back moving furniture. SIR JUNK will come to your home and serve back your space so when Santa makes his way down the chimney, there’s enough room for presents under the tree!

We will also collect any children’s toys in good condition and bring them to the local charities we work with.

Give us a call at 1-844-SIR-JUNK to find out more!