declutter to sellRecently, SIR JUNK had the proud honor of sponsoring one of the “Wine Down Wednesday” events for RealSource Association of REALTORS® —Northern New Jersey’s premier organization for real estate agents. Despite the gloomy weather, nearly 80 realtors, vendors and other participants enjoyed a fun evening of food and drink, hosted by Judy Klein, one of the founders of iCan Storage (, a fast-growing, mobile storage company, which serves all of Bergen County and beyond.

The theme of the event was to showcase the process that a homeowner faces when selling a property: everything from organizing the house, removing unwanted items…to staging the rooms…to professional photo displays…to the actual move itself.

From our perspective at SIR JUNK, we were grateful for the opportunity to explain our services to the audience: our “white-glove” approach to junk removal, insured, licensed and professional…and, of course, our rates–which are about 25% less than our franchise competitors….(Shameless plug!)

But what pleasantly surprised us was what information we were able to take away from the other presenters. One of the most important being how a home is best prepared for sale, and how a successful staging of the property will ensure that the seller receives the maximum price in the timeliest fashion.

As we listened to Virginia Flaherty, a principal of Timeless Décor of Ridgewood, NJ (www.timeless-dé, she emphasized how critical it can be for a homeowner to convey a more “open” look to potential buyers rather than allow for a particularly eccentric décor to distract them. If there is lavish artwork or a “unique” wall paint in a room, it will not allow most people to imagine their own belongs in–or matching–that space. Instead, Ms. Flaherty suggests the house should be tastefully staged, but ultimately should portray a transitional look that appeals to a wider audience and will make it easy for most buyers to imagine and create a décor, inserting their own taste and preferences.

A second piece of advice came from Jean Marie Herron, owner and founder of POSSE Partners, LLC. (website: Ms Herron is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO), earning the Organizer of the Year Award for 2007 and 2014 by the Norther NJ Chapter of NAPO (National Association of Productivity Organizing Professionals.) Through her vast network of realtors with whom she works, Ms. Herron has clients all throughout the Bergen Country area.

SIR JUNK has been fortunate to work with Ms. Herron on a number of projects, so it was nice to catch her in a more “one-on-one” setting during the event. During our conversation, she made a couple of excellent observations that we feel obligated to share. The first may be an obvious one: Taking care of a family household in Bergen County AND holding down a full-time job is very difficult! Her clients (often professional women who are also mothers and wives) need to juggle so many responsibilities, it is a relief when they can outsource some of these duties. Not only does it free them up psychologically, but it also makes them more efficient with their own time.

Ms. Herron’s second point was directed squarely at SIR JUNK, but relates to how both her company and ours connect with clients. Ms. Herron rightly noted that most of us do not believe we have junk. Instead we might have “excessive items”–which may, in fact, be unnecessary to our current lifestyle or living space. Obviously, she has a way with words! But Ms. Herron is 100% correct; at SIR JUNK not only do we agree with her, but we believe that is how we handle ourselves with every customer we serve.

When a customer calls SIR JUNK, they are looking to clear space and rid themselves of items that they deem “excessive” at that time. But we are very aware that these belongings may mean a lot to these customers. Even when a home-seller recognizes that some of their items need to be disposed of or donated, it can be difficult to let them go because of all the memories that go along with them. In that same light, the savvy ones also know that freeing their home from too many of these items at the time they put the home on the market, may tend to make the space more appealing to most home-buyers.

This is one of the advantages of working with SIR JUNK; we always take extreme care realizing how emotional the moving process can be…And for most of our customers who do realize it may be the right time to “de-clutter,” having a team of respectful helpers lending a hand may make the process a lot less stressful.

As we get into the spring and another exciting real estate season, GOOD LUCK to all the home-sellers (as well as to the buyers), and an Early Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!