Can being organized and “junk-free” actually help your financial well-being?  In the July edition of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, there is a great article which promotes this very idea (we have included the link below):

Here are some great quotes from the author about those who have followed this de-cluttering lifestyle:  

They have not only dramatically reorganized their homes, but also quit jobs, launched businesses, increased their sales at work, avoided a divorce (or obtained one) and—this one really caught my eye—lost 10 pounds.  I was skeptical, but I’m an overweight baby boomer drowning in stuff, so I was willing to give it a try.”

The article goes on to say that:

“…tidying involves two actions: discarding and deciding where to put things away. And discarding must come first. She calls storage a “booby trap” because you probably don’t need most of the things you’re stowing and concealing. And it can get expensive if you’re buying crates or bins at the Container Store or renting a storage unit. She emphasizes that you must undertake the discarding process “intensely and completely.”

Now coming from those of us at 1-844-SIR-JUNK who see our share of “junk,” we can confidently say that most of our customers not only save money (e.g. in storage costs) and gain more space during a purge, but they also are one step closer to feeling lighter and less stressed…thus making their financial goals (and many other ones) seem that much more attainable! 


A clear space leads to a clear mind.


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